Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about your ginseng products?

• All of our ginseng products are directly from Canadian ginseng farms in Ontario, Canada. This area is globally famous for growing high quality American Ginseng;

• We only sell top quality product. The stringent control measures applied in each step of our business process ensure consistency of product quality;

• Ginseng from our company was harvested in November 2016, the freshest in global ginseng market today. The fresher a ginseng root, the richer nutrition it contains.

Why your price can be 20% to 30% lower than most other companies?

• Our ginseng is directly from our farms. We have significant cost advantages;

• We continuously improve our business process and pass the savings to our clients;

• The mission of our company is to bring our superior quality American Ginseng to global clients at reasonable price.

What is the difference between chunky, prongy, and long ginseng?

Traditional view is that chunky part of a ginseng root holds proportionally more nutrition. As a result, Chunky ginseng is the most expensive, followed by long ginseng, and then prongy ginseng;

Moreover, unlike long ginseng and prongy, chunky ginseng is very limited in quantity. This drives chunky ginseng’s price higher than long or prongy ones.

Do you sell ginseng grown for 6 years or longer?

No, no farms in North America will grow any ginseng for 6 years or longer;

From year 5 to year 6, ginseng will face exponentially higher risk of getting diseases which hurt yield. Due to such risks, it is not financially feasible for ginseng farms to grow ginseng for over 5 years.

However during the past 40 years, 6-year old ginseng did appear twice. That was because price was incredibly low due to heavy oversupply and farmers had no incentive to harvest. They left 5 year old ginseng root in field hoping for a price re-balance in the next year.

Today global demand for ginseng has been consistently growing. Tight market and high price drive farmers to dig ginseng earlier than they used to do.

If any company claims that it carries 6-year old or older ginseng roots, please make sure the information is accurate.

What is your product packaging like?

We understand our customers’ needs, so we make the product packaging simple and nice (please refer to packaging pictures in detailed description of a product);

Our food-grade packaging material is specifically designed for food industry;

Bubble wrap is used for parcel packaging to minimize risks of damage during product delivery;

Each of our products is sealed for quality assurance.

Should I buy whole ginseng root or ginseng slice?

•Panaquilon, the main nutritional element of ginseng, usually gets partly distilled and oxidized after a root is sliced. Because of that, we recommend to buy whole ginseng root for nutrition preservation, and slice it at the time to use.

•For customer’s convenience, we started providing ginseng slice since December 2013. To minimize nutrition loss, we do not slice ginseng root until an order is received. We also limit weight of ginseng slice within 100 grams per airtight bottle for the balance of nutrition preserving and convenience of use;

•It is highly recommended to finish the ginseng slice in six months once a bottle is opened.

Are the product pictures on your website real?

We provide true and fair information about our product and service to help clients make proper purchase decisions.

All the product pictures on our website are directly taken from our products, naturally reflecting ginseng color, size, shape, freshness and packaging.

Can you recommend the volume of ginseng I should purchase?

Normally an adult consumes 2LBs (908 grams) of ginseng root in a year (3 to 5 grams a day, and 4 to 5 times a week). You can determine purchase quantity based on this standard.

How long can ginseng root be kept?

In a cool and dry place, ginseng root can be kept for up to 3 years without losing noticeable level of nutrition. After that, nutrition loss will significantly accelerate. As we harvest ginseng root in November every year, we recommend our clients to buy volume sufficient for one year use.

How often can ginseng be used?

Whether ginseng is used daily or not is not critical. What is important is appropriate dosage.

Dosage for an adult varies depending on how it is consumed. Usually the quantity should be between 3 to 5 grams a person a day. The quantity should be a bit lower if ginseng is consumed as powder, and higher when made for soup;

Please avoid drinking tea or having radish when take ginseng.

How can we buy ginseng products from you?

You can buy ginseng from us in two ways:

•If you live close to our company or agents, please visit the store directly;

•Otherwise, please order online. We will ship product to you via express delivery service.

Our official website:

Our e-store on Alibaba:

I am buying from out of North America. How can I make payment?

For your convenience, we can take payment in three ways:

•Regular Credit Card (Through PayPal, no PayPal account required);

•PayPal (Through Paypal, if you already have a PayPal account);

•AliPay (If you have an AliPay account).

Whichever way you choose to make payment, we will not charge any extra fees. Moreover, all the transactions are processed through independent third-party platforms (PayPal or AliPay). Nobody else including our company has any access to your credit card information or PayPal/AliPay account information. This is to ensure the highest level of security for our clients’ card/account information.

Please note that when your credit card is not denominated in US Dollar or Canadian Dollar, your credit card issuer may charge your exchange rate fee (or currency conversion fee) at 0.2% to 3.0%. If you have any questions, please contact your credit card issuer directly.

How much does delivery cost and should I pay for it?

For US and Canadian clients, delivery is free to USA and Canada if order is over $150. If order amount is below $150, a $15 fee will be applied.

Delivery fee for all other international markets, such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, and Germany, will be automatically calculated based on gross weight and displayed to you before you proceed to payment.

As the international delivery fee is based on gross weight, you can choose product with simple and light packaging to save delivery fee. For example, the Super Value Pack ginseng is a great choice. For 908 grams ginseng, packaging material weight is only 32 grams.

In most countries (such as USA, Japan, China, Australia, and Singapore), customs does NOT charge duty or other taxes for buying small quantity ginseng (less than 10 pounds) from our farm.

However, in some countries (such as UK and South Africa), taxes will be applied. Such taxes are NOT included in our price or delivery fee. .

Are there any other charges besides the delivery fee mentioned above?

Our price is very transparent. There are no hidden fees.

For customers in Canada and USA, no duty, VAT or document fees for the purchase of our products;

For customers from other countries/regions, some other taxes and fees may apply, depends on local laws/regulations.

Which couriers does your company partner with?

For deliveries within Canada, we partner with Canada Post, Purolator, and UPS;

For deliveries to the US, Canada Post and then transferred to United States Postal Service;

For deliveries to China, Crazy Express and then transferred to EMS;

For other regions, Canada Post, DHL, and UPS.

When can I expect to receive my order?

In Canada or the USA, it takes one to five business days to deliver, depends on the destination;

Out of North America, it can take five to fifteen business days.

If I live in Asia, can you ship product directly from China?

If you place order on this website (our official website), the products have to be shipped from our distribution center in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

If you need to receive our products faster, you can place order on our e-store at Alibaba:

Please note the Taobao e-store only carries 12 most popular products, while our official website carries about 70 products.

Would you guarantee that I can receive the product after I place order?

As a company committed to offering superior quality American ginseng to our clients all over the world, we choose the most reliable courier to deliver product. Our couriers track status of delivery from beginning to end, and provide full visibility to our clients.

In case a parcel is damaged or missing (probability is 2 of 10,000), our company, NOT our clients, will take all the risk. Besides providing clear details of the damage or loss, we will re-send product to ensure clients receive what they have ordered.

If I am not satisfied with the products, what should I do?

100% satisfaction is our commitment.

If you are not 100% satisfied with our product, we encourage you to return it within 30 days after purchase to our distribution center in Mississauga and you will get full refund.

The address for return is: Customer Service 40 Vantage Circle, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5M 2L2 Tel:416-800-9180

Please note delivery fee for return needs to be paid by clients.

Are there any requirements for product return?

All products that have not been opened can be returned within 30 days after purchase.

Can I make comments on your product and service?

Sure. We encourage our clients to provide feedbacks for other’s reference. Product reviews can be made on the product page of our official website.

If I provide very positive product reviews, will you offer me discount?

A client’s review should be independent and objective. It is immoral for a business to influence its client’s review by offering discounts or any other forms of benefits, particularly when such reviews are referred by other clients to make purchase decisions.

Therefore, we will NOT offer discount for positive review providers, or hesitant to provide best products and services to negative commenters as long as the review is true and fair.

Can I get discount if I buy large quantity of ginseng?

If your order is over 100 pounds, we will offer you wholesale discount. For more details, please contact our sales department directly.