Our farm is located in Southwestern Ontario by Lake Erie, a region globally famous for growing high quality American ginseng

Today our superior quality ginseng has been distributed all over the world, particularly in Asia, North America, and Europe. It is helping our customers enjoy healthier life everyday.

Unique Conditions for Best Ginseng

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Farm Pictures

1. Field Preparation for Ginseng Planting
From June to August each year, Canadian Ginseng Farm finds the best fields to grow ginseng.
2. Sandy Soil on Hand
The sandy soil in Southwestern Ontario is very fertile. Ginseng from this region is the best in the world.
3. 1 Year Ginseng Plant
Ginseng plants encounter pests, diseases, and extreme weather, not many can survive after 5 years.
4. 1 Year Ginseng Field
Moderate light is the best for ginseng growing. Shade tarp protects ginseng plant from direct sunlight.
6. Blue Sky White Cloud Green Field
It takes 5 years to grow top quality ginseng. Nowadays, only about 2% of products are grown for five years.
7. Ginseng Washing Step 1
Harvested ginseng root conveyed to washing station after being stored in cooler for 2 weeks.
8. Ginseng Washing Step 2
High pressure water spraying system ensures the cleanness of all ginseng roots.
9. Ginseng Washing Step 3
Each ginseng root is carefully checked, any piece with defects will be removed.
10A. Cleaned Ginseng Ready for Drying
After get cleaned, ginseng roots are put into specially designed boxes for drying.
11A. Drying Room in Winter
Ginseng drying facility. Temperature 98°F to 102°F, period 2-3 weeks, dryness >97%.
12A. Ginseng Selecting and Packaging
Further check dried ginseng to make sure each root meets our high quality standards.
13A. Ginseng Farm Covered by Snow
In winter ginseng covered by thick snow, patiently waiting for the coming of spring.


We love to bring very positive impact to our society, so we

  • Fully comply with laws/regulations;

  • Only sell quality products; 

  • Help our associates grow careers; 

  • Be fair to customers, suppliers, and associates;

  • Take environmentally friendly business practices; 

  • Focus on true benefits to people & the society; 

  • Provide special care to people who need help

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